Tropical Chinese is a must-visit Chinese restaurant in Miami serving handmade Hong Kong-style pushcart dim sum made with the finest ingredients. We also serve other mouthwatering, authentic  Chinese dishes, including Emperor’s Prawns in Grand Marnier Sauce, Lobster Song in Iceberg Lettuce Cups, and our signature Peking Duck.

A Bounty of Chinese Food

Of all the Chinese restaurants in Miami, Florida, we stand out! We have more than 38 years of experience in traditional Chinese cuisine, and our customers can’t help but keep coming back for our sensational food.

Our efficient and friendly staff members strive to provide exceptional customer service. Your comfort and dining pleasure are our priorities! Our restaurant also has spaces that can accommodate public and private dining.

Tropical Chinese Restaurant Interior

Our Chinese Food Menu

We have a savory selection of Chinese food. Tropical Chinese believes that variety is the key to every great menu.

To ensure top-notch quality, freshness, and taste, our dishes are made moments before serving. When you order from us, you won’t go home hungry or disappointed. Visit the menu page to see the full list of our dishes.

Chinese Fried Rice
Dim Sum

Chinese Dine-In and Takeout

Tropical Chinese is a culinary institution. None of our dishes are processed. We preserve the integrity of true Chinese cooking by using only fresh and natural ingredients. Our cooking style is mainly Cantonese with a few Northern and Southern inspirations.

Our dishes are available for dine-in and takeout. 

Giving Back To The Community

During the pandemic, we continue to serve our fine men and women of our community that continue to protect us everyday. Feels so good to give back to our community. Thank you to everyone who teamed up with us to love and support our mission to take care of our front line healthcare workers and officers.


Find out what our customers are saying about our Chinese food and their experience dining at our restaurant.

Daisy Phillips
Daisy Phillips
Just a staple of Chinese dining in Miami. A must go to restaurant. Food is positively delicious and possibly the best they have ever been. Never disappoints! Shrimp wontons….dim sum carts during the day! We always have a unique and great experience here. Ask for Yao ( Steven) if you can. He will make your time there special!
Chad Powell
Chad Powell
The food here is great! The dim sum is hot and fresh! I’ve been here probably 3 times, as I do not live near and it’s always been amazing! Would definitely recommend for authentic dim sum!
Really good flavor food, chef so easy going, able to made vegan food if you ask for , family Bussiness, support your locals..🖤

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About us

At Tropical, we serve authentic Hong Kong style push cart Dim Sum hand crafted from our own kitchen.

Tropical Chinese Restaurant believes that variety is the keystone of a great meal. Our menu offers culinary creations of authentic Hong Kong style cooking using only the best and freshest ingredients, only non-processed foods.

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