The Acclaimed Tropical Chinese Dim Sum Cart

Mouthwatering Treat

Dim Sum literally means little snacks that “touch the heart”. Translated to Western tastebuds and paradigms, they are a selection of delicious bite-size tapa delights most closely related to Hong-Kong style Chinese cuisine, a southern specialty where Tropical Chinese has excelled since its inception.

The famous Tropical Chinese dim sum cart rolls nimbly amidst foodie eaters displaying an exquisite taste vector of savory and sweet from an assortment of steam and fried dumplings, buns and rolls, all aptly accompanied by optional rice congee.

Local and metropolitan Miami dim sum aficionados have been making their lunchtime weekday and weekend pilgrimages to their favorite hotspot in Miami since its establishment in 1984. In true Chinese fashion, the dim sum cart only caters its yummy bonanza for lunch, with operation hours all finishing at 3:30 pm, and starting at 11:30 am on weekdays, 11:00 am on Saturdays and 10:30 am on Sundays. Diners are free to order dim sum as well, but from a menu and not off the cart.

The standard of supreme quality and service held by Tropical Chinese over the last odd thirtysomething years has allowed our establishment to earn recognitions by the handful and make such priced lists as CNN Travel’s Best Chinese Restaurants in the USA, Gourmet Magazine’s Top Ten Restaurants in Florida, Frommers’ Best Chinese in the City, Zagat’s Top 20 Food Ranking Restaurant in America, and the Miami New Times Magazine Viewer’s Choice Best Dim Sum accolade.

All TC dim sum are hand-made in-house, rolled around in timely, clockwork fashion, and served from fantastically apt, old-school period metal carts for our discerning customers. While all flavor profiles are covered in luscious display, our most popular bites include the regular shrimp and shrimp siu mai dumplings, our supreme juicy pork bun, the crystal veggie bun, the taro shrimp patty, and the steamed chicken bun… all 3-to-4 servings a portion at Miami’s foremost dim sum palace, the Tropical Chinese.

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At Tropical, we serve authentic Hong Kong style push cart Dim Sum hand crafted from our own kitchen.

Tropical Chinese Restaurant believes that variety is the keystone of a great meal. Our menu offers culinary creations of authentic Hong Kong style cooking using only the best and freshest ingredients, only non-processed foods.

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