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Dumplings For the Discerning Patron

Tropical Chinese is the hottest dim sum restaurant in Miami. Raving reviews, multiple local accolades, on-the-spot guest reflections, and social media praise indicate the level of achievement, the breadth of reach.

These are our top-5 dim sum bites:

  1. Shumai (pronounced siu mai or shao mai) is the absolute winner. We have two steamed iterations, pork & shrimp or plain shrimp, the former being everybody’s favorite. Thing, round wrappers cradle the pork and shrimp yumminess. Topped with crab roe or a pea.
  2. Chicken Pot Stickers. Fried to perfection. Made with chicken broth and scallions, this type of dumpling is uber-juicy inside and meant to be dipped in our all-famous in-house dried chili sauce.
  3. ‘Har Gao’ Shrimp Dumpling. Another shining star, the shrimp chunks are beautifully swaddled with a translucent dumpling wrapper and served in the ubiquitous bamboo steamer.
  4. Shrimp Rice Pasta. Served in a bowl, atop a soy-based sauce, the scrumptious elongated steamed rice noodle rolls feature tender shrimp inside accompanied by a crispy vegetarian filling. Delish.
  5. Steam Roast Pork Bun. Charsiu baos are the fluffy, bread-like pearl-white buns we’ve all come to know and love. Stuffed with semi-sweet seasoned pork, they are also presented at 3-a-piece on a bamboo steamer.

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At Tropical, we serve authentic Hong Kong style push cart Dim Sum hand crafted from our own kitchen.

Tropical Chinese Restaurant believes that variety is the keystone of a great meal. Our menu offers culinary creations of authentic Hong Kong style cooking using only the best and freshest ingredients, only non-processed foods.

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