Abridged History of Dim Sum

Tropical Chinese Miami Dimsum

One of Miami’s Favorite Dine-In Experiences

Small plates or platillos. Bite-size treats. Brunch delights. Snack dishes.

Dumplings, potstickers, wantons, noodle rolls, buns and many other delectable tidbits compose the universe of this most Chinese of tapas, meant to be shared among family or friends anywhere from late morning to lunch time.

We first introduced Miami to restaurant-grade Chinese dim sum —which literally means “touch of the heart— in 1984, immediately wheezing locals and visitors into a cart-drawn frenzy that has grown into the staple it is today: “Hey, how about some dim sum at Tropical Chinese!?”

Widely accepted to hail from Guangzhou, in China’s southern Gunagdong region, they soon made their way to Hong Kong in the late 19th Century. Opium dens were made illegal and many of them became tearooms. Silk Road merchants, traders and travelers alike would make pit stops here to have a quick and refreshing dim sum meal. Eventually, all of China, not just southern Canton, would contribute to dim sum creativity. Meant to be had with tea—although many a Tropical Chinese guest prefers to pair with Sake. Eventually, the check-list menu card was introduced for added convenience to all parties. These recipes and flair are exactly what the Dim Sum Miami extravaganza led by Tropical Chinese is all about.

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At Tropical, we serve authentic Hong Kong style push cart Dim Sum hand crafted from our own kitchen.

Tropical Chinese Restaurant believes that variety is the keystone of a great meal. Our menu offers culinary creations of authentic Hong Kong style cooking using only the best and freshest ingredients, only non-processed foods.

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